Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tool Time Tuesday...Thimble Pincushion Necklace

Happy Tool Time everyone! I know the title of this project is a mouthful...Thimble Pincushion Necklace. I couldn't shorten it or describe it any other way. Maybe the title should have been...


Want to make one too? It's so easy.

I was looking through one of my sewing drawers and came across this thimble that I've had forever. We all have them, but I don't use the metal kind. I use a leather thimble when hand sewing my hexagons. What to do with this little thimble...let's make a necklace!!

All you need is a thimble, a jump ring and a necklace. I used a silver chain that I had, but you could use a ribbon or cording.

Jump rings come in packages at the craft store in the jewelry section.

For the pincushion, you'll need a small scrap of fabric, stuffing, a needle and thread.

To make the little hole in the thimble for the jump ring, the tools for today are your drill with a very small drill bit or...

an awl and a hammer.

If you are using the drill, start out slow and drill just below the lip of the thimble. Don't forget to drill on an old piece of wood, because you will be drilling right through.

I used the awl and hammer technique. Make sure you are on a sturdy surface and hammer on an old piece of wood, because the awl will be poking through.

Take a small tap to start the hole. Once there is a dink...hammer until it pokes through.

 Here is the hole.

There will be rough metal shavings on the other side. You can clip those with wire cutters and/or file with sand paper.

Now loop the jump ring through the hole.

Squeeze the ring closed with pliers.

You could be finished here, because this is perfect as a necklace.

However, if you want to sew with your thimble necklace...let's add a pincushion!!

I used a spool of thread to trace the circle.

With needle and thread, sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle.

Doesn't have to be perfect, because we are just gathering it up.

Gather up the circle to look like a little bowl.

Fill with a little craft stuffing. Pull thread to gather tightly and knot off to secure.

I used a little hot glue to attach the pincushion inside the thimble.

Glob of hot glue on the bottom of the gathered pincushion...

Insert into thimble.

All Done!!

Oh, wait...she needs pins!!

Just hang around your neck and you'll never lose your pins and needles again.

Ok, I have to say...this is the cutest little thing ever. I'm not patting myself on the back, I just think anything in miniature is adorable!!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Sew very cute! I'd wear one of these just because!!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! I want to make this so bad. Thanks for the tutorial!!

  3. Gotta make one, for sure! How sweet!

  4. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing :) You have inspired me to get crafting!

  5. This thimble necklace is so cute!!! And functional too!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Too cute. I use my mom's old metal thimble still.

  7. Thank you, great idea. I've Pinned it ir future reference, hope that's ok

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  9. Brilliant idea Karen!so inspiring, love to make it one for me ;)
    have a beautiful day

  10. Hi Karen, I always look forward to spending a few moments with you when you post Tool Time.
    I have ALWAYS wanted a Thimble necklace. I've seen them across the internet "here and there" but never thought about actually being able to make one. How fun, how cute and I believe this is "doable". Thank you.

  11. Awesome idea! I have a friend who quilts. She would love this. Thanks for the great birthday idea!!

  12. too cute! now HOW many pins can you stuff in that little thing?

  13. Love this idea. I'm going to make a thimble charm for my charm bracelet.

  14. This is such a great idea! I'm kind of obsessed with pincushions lately, it's amazing what you can make them out of.

  15. I love this - and agree that miniature is always very intriguing and often a challenge - but very do able. Judy C

  16. You should pat yourself on the back! This is ridiculously cute!

  17. This could not be more timely! Do you know about the campaign to "save the thimble" as one of the tokens in Monopoly? One of the original tokens is going to be removed and replaced with something new. All of this is being voted on by the public. If you are interested, you can see it on Facebook.
    Kay in NJ

  18. Very darling idea! I have a couple of thimbles that are just lying around and am forever losing my needle.

  19. Oh, what a great idea for the birthday table at the Guild! I want to know, what are those marks on the wood behind the thimble work?


  20. Karen, you are the Martha Stewart of sewing!

  21. I love this! In a December issue of a magazine one of their best d.i.y. Christmas gifts was just a thimble necklace. You took it above and beyond and I absolutely love it! Can't wait to show my future sister in law, she's been hunting down antique thimbles to create one of a kind gifts for next year.


  22. That is so amazing-cute! Thanks for the tip.

  23. so cute!! I love mini things too

  24. I love this, to cute. Have to try to make one.

  25. As the kids say - uhmehgerd!!

    So cute. I have a few so I'm gonna make gifts! Thanks so much.

    PS - I use a leather thimble too. Mine's wrapped in duct tape!

  26. Sew cute! Making myself one tonight for my birthday. Thank you.

  27. That is the cutest thing I've seen in a while!

  28. This is just too stinking cute!!!

  29. OH too cute! I need one of these. Was sewing watching TV and lost needles, stuck pins on my pant leg, etc etc. Will make one today. Thanks for sharing.

  30. OH too cute! I need one of these. Was sewing watching TV and lost needles, stuck pins on my pant leg, etc etc. Will make one today. Thanks for sharing.

  31. That is just too cute. I have 3 of my Mother-in-laws thimbles to do this with. DH wants to know the size of the jump ring.

  32. Well I'll pat you on the back, this is just DARLING!!

  33. Cute, cute, cute I made one in 30 minutes, thanks for the tuto!!!

  34. You're right... it IS the cutest thing ever!

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  36. My MIL 90th birthday is coming up next month and, let's face it, what do you give the woman who has everything. This is perfect. She is an avid sewer, and I know she will love it. Thanks for the idea!

  37. If you were to put a dowel on the inside of the thimble and poke the hole to the inside the roughness would be on the inside and covered by the pincushion. I think it would be a cleaner finish, but I haven't tried it.


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